Welcome! So glad you found the Studio! We are currently undergoing renovation. We took it right down to the studs this time…visit often to see the pieces come into place and color go up on the walls. We play Kaizen-Muse style around here, small step by small step. That said, all the links should be working and functional - we’re open! And we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Welcome to Studio Sadie, where we know the answer to fear is love.
The answer to despair is creation.

What will you create today?

Anyone looking for a creativity jumpstart — not just poets — should connect with Sarah. She woke me up and shook me out. Her intuition is frighteningly good.
— Cat C.

In Qoya, we tell women to “come as you are, leave as more of who you are.” This is Studio Sadie’s mantra too. Truly experiencing this all by itself would begin a gentle revolution. The work is not about changing. It’s not about learning something new. It’s about remembering who you already and always are and were, and learning to love that person without reservation or hesitation.

Creativity and Community

Studio Sadie is an online creativity studio, a space that offers support, encouragement and community to writers, artists, dancers and other dreamweavers who feel they might be ready to grow in new directions.

Find classes, courses, in session creative experiences and 1:1 work attuned to member needs, whatever projects they are working on, whatever phases those projects are in at the moment. Embodied creativity, community, encouragement…time, space and permission. This is a powerful alchemy.

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