This is where the magic happens.

Studio Sadie, founded by writer, poet, dancer and creativity coach Sarah Sadie, is a variegated community that spans the continent and then some, glorious in color and costume. Some of us are dancers, some are writers, also artists, and community builders, justice workers, tricksters, entrepreneurs, cooks, stitchers and knitters, holy fools, healers, makers and bakers, spiritual leaders and seekers, guides, guardians, a few witches, a number of angels and too many shapeshifters to keep track of. Many of us play more than one of those roles.

Whatever brings you here, you've arrived at a crossroads of creativity, community and embodiment. This is your invitation to show up. The world needs your gifts.

This Studio exists to support people who are ready to grow in new directions.


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When you’re ready to take the next step, the Dreamweavers Guild includes a weekly e-letter and a chance to share with each other online. Weaving together in words, images and through personal connection. Share your voice. Share your vision. Become a dreamweaver.

Love your life, and live what you love.

Sarah founded Studio Sadie because she believes passion and joy and rampant creativity are necessary for individual, cultural and world health. At Studio Sadie, we believe that all happens one person at a time. Whether there’s a particular project you’d like to bring into the world or you’re ready to discover your personal Heroine’s Journey, maybe you’re ready to take the next step and dive into 1:1 work with the Studio?