What will you find happening at Studio Sadie?


Weavers Guild

The Weavers’ Guild focuses on the actual experience of being creative in the moment. It offers creatives of all flavors to gather online for a co-creativity hour to get something done on a creative project (or just to prioritize staring out the window and daydreaming for a bit…that’s good too).


Qoya is a movement practice that helps us remember our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Sarah teaches Qoya classes once a month at Perennial Yoga in Fitchburg and twice a week at Dance Life Studio on Madison’s far west side. Qoya’s teaching that our wisdom and creativity are deeply embodied informs all of Sarah Sadie’s work with clients, even in a phone session.


Additional Workshops and Classes

In addition to the core offerings, Studio Sadie occasionally offers other classes, workshops, courses and experiences, sometimes with collaborators, partners and special guests, sometimes just founder Sarah Sadie taking the lead. These opportunities allow participants to dive deeper into specific topics, issues or experiences. Stay in touch and read the Studio e-newsletters that come every moon quarter to know what is coming up.