We’re all familiar with the Hero’s Journey. What might a Heroine’s Journey look like?

The Heroine’s Journey—and imagining the Heroine’s Journey and what that might be and become for each of us—nestles at the heart of Studio Sadie. A transmission as much as a teaching, the Studio’s Heroine’s Journey work engages multi-sensory embodied learning to help women wake up to and deepen their connection to their own potential and magic.

Joseph Campbell’s groundbreaking extension of Carl Jung’s work has given us a deep and broad understanding of the Hero’s Journey as it appears across cultures.

Now, many writers and thinkers are beginning the work of recovering and imagining what a Heroine’s Journey might look like. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Kathleen Noble, Jody Gentian Bower, and Maureen Murdock, to name just a few.

Murdock’s model, which is especially prevalent at the moment, is a step forward but also problematic, insofar as it comes out of a therapeutic context. Murdock created her model by studying women who were unhappy, or whose lives were in places of turmoil, grief, despair, and dissatisfaction. It’s important to address the fullness of our experience and that there are women who struggle…nearly all of us at one time or another…but the journey to wellness is not the only journey possible, is it?

Framing it as such reinforces a common historical idea: woman as suffering, sick, and in need of help and healing.

At Studio Sadie, we embrace the radical notion that where there is one Hero’s Journey pattern, there will emerge multiple Heroine’s Journeys. No one more right or important than another. The Universe embraces diversity, multiplicity and ongoing evolution and the Heroine’s Journey follows these laws. At this moment in the planet’s revolutions, we inherit the work of discovering for ourselves the patterns and truths that rest, seedlike, at our core.

It’s time to bloom.

Individuals can take this course at any time in a supported 1:1 version with Sarah Sadie. Men are welcome and encouraged to dive into this work in a 1:1 context. Occasionally we open up a circle for women, allowing us to experience the tidal rhythms of this work together in community.