What does membership in Studio Sadie look like?

Committing to your creative growth looks different for each of us, at different times. Grounded in a radically responsive ethic which works to support the individual where they are, membership at Studio Sadie is free. Members receive updates at the moon’s quarterly phases filled with helpful tips and information about creativity, embodiment, and community as well as upcoming opportunities.

Is membership at the Studio really free? Isn’t there a catch?

Nope, no catch. No hidden costs. We only ask that you pay…attention. Paying attention, paying more attention, paying better attention, is key to growing our creative response-ability in the making or art and in the living of life. And that is what we’re here to help with. One of the things.

But as for money, you are not required to pay a dime to be a part of this community. The cost of events and classes is listed. The cost of 1:1 work varies depending on the individual package. There are never hidden costs. We value transparency.


So what’s stopping you? Sign up today and find the community you’ve been looking for, and the tools to take the next step on your creative adventuring (wherever it leads you).

All members receive updates and information at the quarter moons in an e-series filled with helpful tips, techniques, and information. Members can sign up for any Studio class, course or offering as it fits their schedule. Members also have the option of joining the closed Facebook group Studio Sadie Creative Community Gardens to find community support and encouragement.

Become a Member of Studio Sadie


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