Find encouragement and guidance working with a Creativity Muse/Midwife…

When I started working 1:1 with Sarah, I had just received news of my first poetry acceptance. Getting published had been a goal for me and I was just starting to see things happen in that direction. Sarah helped me begin to think about systems that would support my creative goals as I work to shape my writing into something that is ready to be shared with an audience.
My coaching experience with Sarah was a central part of a larger season of creative flourishing through classes, trips and an expanding creative community. Sarah worked with me to grow and expand my creative process and encouraged me to connect with other writers. I feel more open to inspiration and more willing to take risks. Her encouragement and the focus on small steps was really helpful in getting to this place. I am in a place I could not have imagined I would be.
I now have bigger goals and the tools to begin to move towards achieving them.
— Julie M.

Within each of us is the blueprint to reimagine the world: whether that manifests in writing books, choreographing flash mobs, creating the perfect peach pie, or restoring an old house or garden.

Often, it takes a little digging to uncover the next steps, to beat the blocks and defeat the Inner Critic that would keep us playing small. Find inspiration, ideas and helpful tips working one on one with Studio founder Sarah Sadie.

Overcome overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism and other blocks. Dare a new dream…or an old favorite.

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